Australian Journal Redux: Day two

An uneventful 14-hour flight, only five of us in first class. Qantas has improved both the quality of the pajamas and the softness of the beds! I slept for 8 hours. I try to have a quick dinner and read for two hours, sleep for 8, then write, read and have breakfast during the final 4.

Dismal day, but clearing up, about 69°F and everyone apologizing for the weather. You can see in the photos the overcast when we landed. The Queen Victoria is expected into port here tomorrow. Meanwhile, there is a 200-foot yacht belonging to a “UK coal magnate” alongside the hotel.

Dinner tonight at Pony not far from the Park Hyatt, with Libby Wagner, Mentor Hall of Fame Member who is attending my Six Figures to Seven Workshop this week, and Mark Smith, a charter member of the Million Dollar Club, who is here doing client work.

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