Here’s What You Should Do Next Time Your Flying the Plane….

Don’t you love people who haven’t accomplished one-tenth of what you have but who feel they are in a position to critique and coach you? It’s often an uncle or a cousin who wants to overcome a vast inferiority complex. But it’s also often some stranger who feels that social media is there for his or her glorification. A guy actually has offered Marshall Goldsmith and me (between us, 100 books, 100 countries, 500 clients, 25 translation languages, 30 awards, …

The Madness

March Madness, always thrilling, isn’t necessarily won by the best overall team. It’s won by the team which plays best under extreme pressure at the right moments, and makes the fewest unforced errors. When things get tough, the tough get going. Do you yell for the ball or duck from it?

Opportunity Doesn’t Always Knock

Being opportunistic is a positive trait, but not if it’s your exclusive motive power. That’s because it relies on some external “trigger” allowing you to see the opportunity. Innovative people create their own “triggers.” It’s great to be opportunistic when something occurs, but it’s even better to also be innovative when nothing else is occurring.

All Aboard

It’s 8 am and the Acela is pulling out of Penn Station in New York, silently and stealthily, passing hundreds of arriving commuters from local train mere feet away from the tracks. They are trudging, infantry-like, down the platform and up the escalators, heads down, backpacks swaying, resolute and without choices. They are marching into a never-ending battle that will always be a stalemate, because no matter what they accomplish or fail to accomplish today, they will be doing the same …

To Tell the Truth

I can “sell” most people better than they can sell themselves. Why? Because they are accustomed to what they’ve done and don’t consider their experiences and accomplishments anything special. Write down your educational credentials, travel experiences, past work responsibilities, civic contributions, interests and hobbies, and accolades from others. Then create a profile as if they belonged to someone else. That exercise might just turn you into “someone else.”

I Can’t Tell By Your Face If You’re Happy Or Not

There’s a woman on the CBS morning news in New York City (6-7 am weekdays) who basically reads a teleprompter as her job. She doesn’t look real. He face doesn’t move at all, only her lips and eyes. There is no other sign of expression. Her lips look inflated. Her eyes look like they were done by an artist. Her hair falls perfectly but also doesn’t move at all. She seems quite pleasant and reads the news well. I’d bet …

The Brady Priority

Let me understand this: An international collaboration, including the Texas police, Texas Rangers, FBI, and Mexican police, found Tom Brady’s stolen Super Bowl jersey and returned it within 90 days of the theft. And we can’t identify or locate the drug dealers in Mexico, or the nukes in Iran, or the terrorist cells all over Europe? They’d all better hope they never come into possession of any of Brady’s stuff.

I Use “Results” So You Can’t Use “Results”

I stopped sending my publishers and lawyer after all the pond scum providing free downloads of my work on the internet because: • It’s free publicity • I don’t want people who would steal things as my clients in any case • The people who place them there, run the site, and download them are pathetic Most of these sites originate in Eastern Europe or some other area I’d rather not be in any case. Don’t get all exercised when …

Wait. Can you do it yourself?

Folks, if you’re a “success coach” shouldn’t you be, well, sort of, successful? If you’re a “life coach,” I’d think you need to, uh, have a life? If you’re a branding expert, shouldn’t you have a really strong brand? If you’re a sales expert, why do you need help selling? If you’re writing about how to reach executives, shouldn’t you be, like, in the midst of them? If I want to learn to ski, I don’t expect the coach to …