RainToday.com Podcast: Becoming a Global Consultant, with Alan Weiss

In the age of a true “flat earth,” there are no borders or impediments to consulting worldwide: it’s as easy to consult in Kuala Lumpur as it is in Kansas.

This makes it possible for solo or small-practice consultants (and those considering independent consulting) to seek the wealth, experience, and gratification of consulting internationally.

In this podcast, we talk about becoming a global consultant:

  • Who’s it available to?
  • What does it take?
  • How can consultants begin on this quest?
  • What are the possible pitfalls to avoid?

Alan Weiss, an internationally-acclaimed consultant and co-author, with Omar Khan, of the new book, The Global Consultant: How to Make Seven Figures across Borders, answers these and other questions in an interview by Mike Schultz, publisher of RainToday.com and president of Wellesley Hills Group.

(Length: 10:39)

Interested in hearing more? Click here to sign up for Alan and Omar’s upcoming teleseminar with RainToday.com.

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