We’ve decided that the dog’s name will be Bentley. It was too difficult calling him Koufax. I’m going to see if my Bentley dealer would like a mascot at special events.

14 thoughts on “Bentley

  1. Bentley is a purebred German Shepherd. He is, obviously, white. Since I’ve investigated more carefully than I did acquiring Koufax (we were lucky), I’ve found that white Shepherds are not rare, that if classified as a separate breed they’d be 41st most popularity among 142 registered AKC breeds. We are of course registering him with the AKC as well as the German Shepherd Club and White German Shepherd Club (I may have the names wrong). White Shepherds are subject to fewer genetic vulnerabilities than black and tan Shepherds, I’m told.

    Finally, a doctor around here is a big deal judge at Westminster, and his wife told me in my wife’s boutique that white Shepherds are a defect and hurt the breed. I then explained to her how she was hurting the human breed. Store personnel then dragged her away, sputtering. So having Bentley drive by her in my Bentley is just another great aspect of this dog.

  2. One animal is a defect and it isn’t the dog.
    I can’t believe someone would say that and genuinely believe they have a valid argument. Nuts, total nuts.

  3. Dog people (who show and judge dogs) are extremely bizarre, and I think most should be arrested for animal cruelty. Watch the satire, “Best in Show.” It’s not far from the truth!

  4. So true! While watching the dog show last week my wife and I were cracking up at how close it was to the movie.

    Who can forget two left feet?

  5. He’s completely acclimated and house trained. Passed his first exam at the vet with flying colors. (Buddy, as usual, hit the treat jar.)

  6. “I then explained to her how she was hurting the human breed.”


    Gorgeous, handsome little fellow. Bentley is a great name.

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