Best Practices Workshop (or take it home)

Quite a few people are asking if they can get some materials from the Best Practices Workshop I’m conducting on November 18-19 because they can’t make the date. So, i’ve decided to provide: course manual, with all PowerPoint slides; two books; two CDs; and an audio version of the entire 1.5 days. The price will be 25% less than the current price, at whatever price point you qualify for. Also, we can provide a video of the program if you would like one for an additional $500. The video is not available independently. You can register on my site using the Best Practices page, and indicate in “remarks” or a separate email that you want the home study version with or without the video. I’ll charge you accordingly. Payment must be made prior to the program itself, November 18, to qualify for this offer.

I will have run Best Practices four times, so the odds are that it will not be offered again, or at least for the next couple of years.

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