My granddaughters call fireworks “booms.” Every Thursday evening, the beach here at Point Pleasant explodes with them for 15 minutes or so. The town does a great job, better than most of the July 4th celebrations I’ve seen. We watch from the porch of our house.

People in boats, on the beach, on the boardwalk, and outside of their homes are mesmerized. As each rocket lights the darkness, you can see people staring, silently and intently, at each new array. Even if they hadn’t come specifically for the event, they stop what they’re doing, cease their travels, and watch.

What are you doing to create fireworks around your business? What are you creating that lights up the dark and allows people to marvel at the ingenuity and spectacle? Or are you merely hoping that people will somehow find you in the dark?


© Alan Weiss 2014

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