Brand Power

There are some people reviewing the new iPhone—and deciding on its purchase, personally—based on the differences and improvements over the prior product.

That’s not terribly relevant.

Apple stock has soared, and iPhone 7 sales are exceeding iPhone 6 sales.

Some people are advising to wait for the tenth anniversary of the phone, when changes “will really be significant” in another year or so.

That’s not terribly relevant.

I had to inform one person (almost with pictures since words weren’t scoring) that buying an iPhone now and another in a year is not mutually exclusive. People buy the phones because they love to have new ones.

Period. They want the latest gizmo from Apple.

This isn’t about pragmatic features (though they’re there) or the need to upgrade from a far older phone (though some are). It’s about a brand so powerful, so ubiquitous in daily life (look at the devices on the conference room desk at any meeting) that you no more want to display an “old” one than you would watch a black and white TV.

The people trying to diminish Apple and its products are simply frustrated that they can’t identify the reasons for the popularity and loyalty. But I just did.

Get me McKinsey. Let’s have a Coke. I’m gong to Disneyland. Do you have the newest iPhone?

I do.

© Alan Weiss 2016

3 thoughts on “Brand Power

  1. Today, my wife and I went in to trade in our iPhone 5s’s for iPhone 7’s, and we had to back-order them. They might not come in until November because of the demand.

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