Brian Williams Is Still Lying

In an interview with Matt Lauer, one of the few tough ones Lauer has generated (too bad he couldn’t manage it with Tom Cruise and Scientology), Brian Williams never used the word “lie.” He talks around it, over it, and under it, but his “rehabilitation” clearly hasn’t been effective. He can’t say the word, and won’t admit to the other (documented) times he’s done it.

The man was making $10 million a year and, while he won’t make that at MSNBC, his new Siberia, he won’t do too badly. Yet the NBC executives don’t feel it’s important that Williams can’t admit publicly that he lied.

I’ve lied, for poor reasons, and regretted it. Probably, you have, too. Williams is still in denial, and he’s spent the last six months feeling sorry for himself and living off his sizable savings. He seems to be resentful of his suspension and lessened assignment.

I can’t wait until he has to report on the latest government official or corporate executive who has lied about something and been caught up in legal problems. Will he say, “They should no better than to conflate issues when under oath”?

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