Call Those Names!

I delivered the keynote at IMC’s Confab yesterday, to a wonderful audience, and we all had a lot of fun. I talked about the very positive future of consulting and the need to “be in the moment” with clients and prospects, as well as the role of developing communities.

During an extensive Q&A period, I noted that social media platforms were good examples of communities that were largely personal and avocational, but were not the major marketing routes for consultants selling to large corporate clients. It was a good discussion.

Of course, immediately someone is Twittering that I’m a Luddite (you’ll note that they came to hear me, not him) and I’m assuming that he had help spelling “Luddite.” Apparently, he wasn’t even in the audience, but had heard some snippets on Twitter.

Have you noticed that you can argue with clients, prospects, colleagues, and others about business on a factual, mutually-respectful basis? But once you take on the social media fanatics, name-calling and mudslinging is unleashed. This is the trait of cult-like thinking. You’re with us or against us, and we’re not about to listen to opposing argument.

There are millions of intelligent, reasonable people using social platforms for personal and professional reasons. It’s too bad the zealots hang around like plaque on teeth. They need to be scraped off.

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