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Thursday, July 18

Another great day, rained late, over dinner, so we ditched plans to drive up to Wildwood, where we used to take the kids and where Danielle won “Little Miss Admiral” at age 5.

Both my wireless connections and my Verizon Gizmo failed today. So I’m writing this in an Internet cafe using an Ethernet wire, with very helpful women behind the counter, chatting with my wife who’s coloring their menu for them! There is ALWAYS a way to make things work.

Dinner tonight at the Union Grill, large, ancient house, with barramundi as my main course (which I learned about during my many Australian trips—they call it “barra.”). A feature of our particular dining room: Two couples with men 20 years older than the women, and another couple who went outside to smoke between every course and after. (How can you taste anything?)

Tomorrow is our last full day here. We looked at a proposed fractional time share with three bedrooms, due in 2009. But I don’t see us taking three weeks or more here. Only 40 units, oceanfront, private club. If it were in Nantucket (see the Nantucket Journal in two weeks) that would be a different story.

I remember when I left a consulting firm in 1983, and then was fired as CEO of the one I went to in 1985, we took our usual sojurns to the Jersey shore and I floated on the waves, looking at the horizon, and I guess Spain beyond, wondering what would become of me.

I still float and wonder, but with eager anticipation and a sense of great gratitude.

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