Car Shopping

I have to make some decisions for 2013, so what better place to look at cars than California?

McLaren with doors "open."

McLaren in an interesting color.

The Fisker Karma electric car.

Batteries, solar panels, a little gas, good looking vehicle.

I’d be interested in the forthcoming McLaren convertible, which has a hard, retractable top. The car is 1.5 tons (TONS) lighter than my current Bentley Supersports, and has only 5 less horsepower (616 vs 621). It’s 0-60 in 3.0 seconds, and 0-120 in 8.0 seconds, which ought to get me down the block.

The Fisker is a gorgeous car, four door, plenty of room in the rear seats. The gas apparently just fires the electric motor up, so you can get 100 miles to a gallon! It has a huge range (“We don’t have ‘range anxiety’, ” said the salesman).

Tomorrow I’m looking at a Rolls and maybe an Aston Martin Vanquish.

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6 Responses to Car Shopping

  1. Shouldn’t a thought leader drive the Fisker? :-)

    Both sound very cool.

  2. Alan Weiss says:

    Tomorrow I’m looking at a Rolls convertible.

  3. Noah says:

    The Fisker looks awesome.

    Aren’t they in some serious financial trouble?

    Will you post pics of the Rolls…

  4. Alan Weiss says:

    The Rolls was an 09, not what we were looking for, a battleship of a car. Didn’t bother with photos.

    What can you tell me about Fisker financially, I didn’t know that? The car is very stylish, so ergonomic you could go eat grass, and it handles well. But even with the boost option, it doesn’t have the acceleration of even our BMW truck. It would be a hell of a fourth car when you wanted to drive others to dinner.

  5. Simon says:

    Hi Alan,

    There is a great BBC documentary on the manufacture of the Mclaren Mp4-12C. You will find it on youtube. It might help with the decision making.


  6. Gareth Kanre says:

    I’d love a Fisker.

    McClaren, Aston Martin, Rolls, Bentley – all British marques (even if some are now foreign owned) – is there a pattern?

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