A Case for A SWAT Team?

On the outskirts of Providence, right next to Interstate 95, is a giant blue bug on the roof of an exterminating company. It’s a termite, 427,000 times larger than life. (I am not making this up.) The company which was once called something like “New England Exterminating”  officially changed its name to Big Blue Bug Exterminating. Traffic reporters use it as a landmark (congestion around the Big Blue Bug) and when Interstate 195 was rerouted at a cost of tens of millions, great care was taken not to change the location of the Big Blue Bug.

The bug was recently graffitied and a scandal arose. It’s now being rehabilitated, the perpetrator has been identified and is being sought by police, new surveillance cameras are installed on the roof, and a friend of mine, who’s one of the NBC anchors and a radio host, climbed up on the roof to assist in the repainting.

Have I mentioned that Rhode Island is a very small place?

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