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New WOLFoundation Essay Competition

We are pleased to announce that entries are now open for the 2014 WOLFoundation essay competition.

 Whether it relates to environmental degradation, personal privacy, the functioning, or otherwise, of our democratic processes and many other issues, many people feel that we are suffering from an almost global crisis of leadership. An inability to break out of the status quo to enable societies to address some of the growing social and environmental issues that we all face.

The theme of this year’s competition is: Leadership: What are the characteristics of effective leadership in the 21st century?

We encourage entrants to focus on the nature of leadership itself rather than the specific issues that leaders should be addressing.

Visit our Guidelines page for more details about this year’s competition.

Please share this email with any of your friends, colleagues and organizations that may have an interest in participating.


We look forward to receiving your entries.

All best wishes

Joe Zammit-Lucia

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UCOs: Unidentified Calling Objects

There is some delusional guy leaving messages and using my name as a reference, who claims that his wife and parents and relatives are diplomats, circus performers, celebrities, and aliens. He also has the secret technology to save humankind. Believe me, he’s not with me and not using my name with permission.

Another guy wrote through my website that I must go visit all his sites because he is a unique and special consultant. When I mentioned that he shouldn’t write to me, he told me I had 24 hours to apologize or he’d expose me to the world. So if I turn into a pumpkin later today, you’ll know it was my own doing.

Be careful out there.


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New Workshop on C-Suite Relationships

Here’s an interesting and much needed offer from my colleague Andrew Sobel. Make sure you mention my name to get your 10% discount:


Building C-Suite Relationships with Andrew Sobel

One-day workshop

April 28th at the Westin Times Square, New York, NY.

How would stronger relationships with the most senior executives help your business?

In this intensive and intimate one-day workshop, you’ll learn a unique set of strategies and skills that will help you access c-suite executives and build long-term relationships with them. We’ll cover topics such as:

  • The strategic mindset that is essential for building relationships at the top
  • How to demonstrate your relevance to senior executives
  • Short- and long-term strategies to access the c-suite
  • Conversational techniques to hold a successful first meeting at the most senior levels
  • Power questions to ask senior executives—and the questions never to ask
  • How to add “value for time” and earn an ongoing relationship

Andrew Sobel, one of Alan Weiss’s Master Mentors, is one of the world’s leading authorities on building long-term client relationships. He has written seven commercially published books on how to acquire and develop clients, including the international bestsellers Clients for Life and Power Questions. He has personally advised over 300 c-suite executives in his 31-year consulting career, and interviewed over 1000 top executives about their most trusted advisors.

Investment prior to March 21 is $850. Members of Alan’s community get a 10% discount using the coupon code summit. Click to go the workshop web page to register.

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Fundraiser for Animals

I’m surrounded here by 5,000 or so books. I’ll provide my lists of the best titles in my personal library in these categories:





Modern Thought

Classic Literature




Science Fiction


There will be between 10 and 25 titles per category. The fee is a $100 donation per category in a check made out to East Greenwich Animal Protection League and mailed to me at Box 1009, East Greenwich, RI 02818.

For $500, I’ll send you all the lists and a personalized copy of my new book, coming out in April, Million Dollar Launch.

Thanks for considering this.

(Sorry, I can’t accept credit cards, but international money orders in US funds are fine. Any foreign checks must be in US funds drawn on a US bank.)

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Canine Keys

If anyone is interested, Zelda’s Song ( makes key chains (and other accessories) with photos of your dogs on them, very cool. I have no financial interest, but tell them I sent you.

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Million Dollar Consulting College® Opportunity

I have a few slots open in the Consulting College in Newport, May 5-9, and an opportunity to attend without an immediate payment.

For those who can demonstrate financial need, I will allocate a seat with the agreement of a 10% monthly remittance of revenues monthly for one year. The College will enable you to accelerate your career, and I’ll bet on you if you bet on me.

Write me if you want to apply and I’ll explain the details ( The College writeup is here:

This is the only College scheduled in 2014.

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Subcontracting Work Sought

Here is an excellent person looking for subcontracting work. If you can use her skills, please write to me and I’ll put you in touch (

I am a leadership and innovation expert and I have included below examples of activities others may wish to hire me for:
Sample activities:
* Designing and running focus groups
* Leading workshops, training and leadership retreats
* Conducting 360 assessments.
* Facilitating meetings.
* Completing cultural assessments
* Conducting project postmortems
* Organization diagnostic interviews
* Identifying and removing bottlenecks in hiring top talent
* Behavioral interviewing
Additional topics of expertise:
* Team development
* Change management
* Organization Design
* Strategic Clarity
* Innovation
* Inspiring communication
* Remote and global leadership
* Managing mediocrity
* Managing hyper-growth


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Lagging Behind the Satirical Curve

Some time ago, my cartoon series, The Adventures of Koufax and Buddy Beagle, featured Koufax using information from “Doggiepedia.” Well, the American Kennel Club has just offered me “Woofipedia”™, how ’bout them apples!?

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And Now Back to Our Normal Programming

Huge thanks to Chad Barr and CB Software for fighting off the continued hacking attempts on my blog and other sites. There are morons in the world with nothing better to do, a sign of the times, I guess.

You can’t possibly do better than CB Software for your journey through Cyberspace.

Thanks for your patience while we sorted all this out.

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Why Pay When You Can Ignore the Charge?

A person ordered a book, we sent it immediately, the credit card turned out to be denied, and the individual refuses to pay or even respond to communications. I promised I would let others know:


Drue Mills

Stillwater, Oklahoma

It’s a small matter, but theft is theft, right? There should be consequences.

I hope you’re very proud.

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