More Scammers in Brooklyn

There is a scam on trademarks from “ThePatent and Trademark Office” at #213, 8225 5th Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11209-9851. They claim money is due to perpetuate your trademark, but the small print makes clear they have nothing at all to do with the government and are just collecting your money for no reason whatsoever. There is a paid envelope enclosed, so I suggest you return it empty so that they do incur the postage expense! If they were smart, they …

Change the Life You Have Into the Life You Want

Change the Life You Have Into the Life You Want, AND opt to have access to me for a year by phone and email, attend a live, full day in Boston with me, and receive monthly video programming totaling six hours—for under $400 if you act before Sept. 1:   Here’s how to build the life you want & have access to me for a year for less than $400: Deadline 9/1

Great Presentation Skills

Victoria Labalme is one of the finest presentation coaches in the world, and helps people “knock presentations out of the park.” People I’ve sent to her rave about her help. I’ve been modestly involved in growing her business over many years. Here’s her upcoming offering, and you’ll get a discount if you mention I sent you:

Marshall Goldsmith at the Million Dollar Consulting® Convention

Here’s the latest good news from my colleague Marshall Goldsmith, who will be my special guest and part of an outstanding faculty at the Second Annual Million Dollar Consulting® College in LA in March: Dear Friends, Greetings from Hanover! I have exciting news to share! My new book, Triggers: Creating Behavior that Lasts – Becoming the Person You Want to Be, has just been listed as the #3 Best-selling Self-Help Book in America in the New York Times, and #2  Best-selling Business Book in …

Unique Book Offer

I’m writing a new book on my life experiences and how I converted them from simple occurrences into a seven figure business and great life. (The proposed subtitle is “From the streets to the heights.”) Million Dollar Mindset (or whatever it’s finally called) will probably appear in June, 2016. It is a hard cover book. I’m guessing the price will be $30 or thereabouts. For $50 I will personalize a book and send it to you with shipping included anywhere in …

Another Fraud from Czech Republic

RPT services is another fraud, asking for $2,548.25 (nice invented number, huh?) to register one of my trademarks internationally. From Praha, Czech Republic. (Praha translates as “joke is on you.”) If we eliminated these mailings, with the inheritances from the Nigerians, and the SEO crap from India, maybe the internet could just focus on communications?

Fraud Alert

Note that the World Patent & Trademark Service (WPTS) and the International Trademarks and Patents Organization (IPTO) are both frauds, both out of Czech Republic, probably run  by the same crooks. They offer zero additional protection for your trademarks. They get your name off trademark lists that are published by law. You might as well throw your money into a bonfire, although that, at least, will keep you warm.

Frauds and Thieves

Today I received a notice from the International Patent & Trademark Office in the Czech Republic (of course) that I owed $2,225 (nice number) to continue the registration of one of my trademarks internationally. I receive a couple of these a month originating  from various small countries in Europe. These are fraudulent, just as much as the Nigerians who tell you that a great inheritance awaits you if you just send some money first, and the hackers who use others’ …

Trademark This

If you own registered trademarks and service marks, ignore ALL private firms requesting money to “protect them,” or extend them, or apply them in foreign countries. They are all scams. Most are overseas in Slovakia or Belarus or Kazakistan, but some are domestic (United States Trademark Maintenance Service). They will print in small letters that they are not a government agency in some area almost impossible to find. And they will try to extort thousands of dollars for their “protection.” …