Here’s a copy of the foreword I wrote for Noah Fleming’s new book, Evergreen:   Los Angeles is a warm-weather creation, at a similar latitude as much of North Africa and Southeast Asia. But whenever I’ve flown in I’ve had the feeling it’s not as lush as my native northeastern United States. Yet, back home, we routinely endure winters with feet of snow and temperatures below zero. How can that disparity exist?   It exists because L.A. is not verdant. New …

Thought Leadership Conference

We had a fifth consecutive year of sold-out crowd at Thought Leadership at the Four Seasons in Palm Beach. James Carville was my special guest. Twenty-eight consultants from seven countries gathered for three days of intensive interaction to build dominance in markets, create new books, generate new intellectual property, and meet global leaders. Next year’s session with my special guest, the Master of Influence, Robert Cialdini, can be found here—I have only seven seats left: http://summitconsulting.com/seminars/the-thought-leadership-symposium-2015-10.php   (Photos courtesy of Chad …

Introducing Ann’s Clarity App

Ann Latham, a member of my community, has created Ann’s Clarity App, which is the cheat sheet for clarity. It will help you get better results faster, with greater confidence and commitment. It is even more valuable if you use it to create shared clarity. Using Ann’s Clarity App as a group will get everyone on the same page quickly, focused on the same thing, and able to contribute much more effectively. Here is the link:   http://bit.ly/anns-clarity-app

Call for Volunteers

NOTE: Please contact the address at the end of this request, not me, thanks, Alan:   Solo (or 1-3 person) service business owners : (speakers, consultants, architects, attorneys, massage therapists, hair stylists, manicurists, personal trainers, IT consultants, HR consultants, nutritionists, image consultants, and similar)   Are you great at what you do, but not so comfortable with the financial side of your business? Have you ever hired a bookkeeper and wished you could get more guidance from them? If so, …

What? Who’s Where?

Beware, the Who’s Who scam is back with us lately, telling you you’ve “qualified” to be listed, meaning that you have enough money to buy the book they produce. Who’s Who books and listings with rare exception are ego-oriented nonsense. I placed my dog, Trotsky, in one, once. That’s how strict the vetting is!

The Power of Personal Worth and Fulfillment

There are 10 days remaining for the deep discounts for this series beginning in September. It comprises very brief videos, podcasts, and electronic print techniques and boosters each week to continually build and nurture self-esteem. I’ve found that poor self-worth is the primary reason for less success in one’s endeavors than one’s talents should provide. People allow themselves to be “beaten down,” fall prey to peer pressure, and accept all kinds of unsolicited and destructive feedback. Esteem can atrophy, like …

Site for Sale

I am selling the domain executivecoaching.net.   It is valued at $3,600.  I am willing to sell it outright for $3,000 to avoid having to deal with the Auction process.   Thanks for letting people know about it.   Scott Herman   spherman@webeditor.com