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Consultant Needed to Work in France

Looking for a candidate to lead an 18 month, full time, onsite, contract assignment in the South of France. This is a full time, contract position and requires experience in transformational change. A background in strategy and organizational change management is needed. The project will probably extend beyond the 18 months but this is the initial phase.

If you are interested, please email your CV to

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Million Dollar Consulting College® Opportunity

I have a few slots open in the Consulting College in Newport, May 5-9, and an opportunity to attend without an immediate payment.

For those who can demonstrate financial need, I will allocate a seat with the agreement of a 10% monthly remittance of revenues monthly for one year. The College will enable you to accelerate your career, and I’ll bet on you if you bet on me.

Write me if you want to apply and I’ll explain the details ( The College writeup is here:

This is the only College scheduled in 2014.

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We are surrounded by polarization. Life has become a huge “on/off” switch. You like it or you don’t. You’re with us or against us. It’s my way or the highway.

While I think Obama has been a huge failure—to be polite: has squandered his political capital and original good will—I think Democrats have a great many positive initiatives and plans. I like many Republican positions, but I also find it stunningly dreadful that they can’t find viable candidates for the presidency. I thought “Gravity” was horribly overrated, but still like George Clooney as an actor. I’m not crazy about lima beans, but I generally support vegetables.

These same rigid “on/off” alternatives are found among our clients. “The customer is always right.” No, a lot of customers are often wrong. “We promote from within.” That’s a sure way to create incestuous mediocrity.

What we all need are rheostats that can both brighten and dim the lights (or the music) by degrees and by nuance. We have created single lenses, one-dimensional litmus tests, to decide our positions and who are our “friends.” That’s patently absurd, like having the sound set at a given level despite the music, or the lights at one setting despite the time of day.

If you see issues as simply bi-polar, then you’re not a very good consultant, and you’re not going to be a very interesting person. Imagine the one-sided frenzy of football fans not confined to the stadium or TV set, but exhibited every day in every aspect of life.

That would be intolerable, yet we seem to be willing to tolerate more and more of this polarization in our lives. We’ve become “one-issue” people, which makes us one-dimensional people.

© Alan Weiss 2014

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Speaking Opportunity

This organization may be ideal for those of you specializing in smaller closely held businesses. They can pay about $12,000, including travel expenses. Please do NOT contact me, but the person below:


1. Our Contact Info - (we are handling booking speakers for BAS)

Company Name:   Ugly Mug Marketing

Contact Name:  Wayne Mullins

Email Address:

Business Address:  4501 Jackson St Ste C  Alexandria, LA 71303

Phone:  318-447-4551

2. Date or date range for speaking engagement Flexible – but in 2014.

3. Location of Event:  Alexandria, LA

4. About The Organization:

This organization (Business Acceleration System) works with entrepreneurs over a nine parish region here in central Louisiana.  They have an amazing track record of helping entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level. ($169M in increased revenue over the past 5 years)  You can learn more about their organization here:

Here’s one 3 minute video that sums up the impact they are having:

Due to their charter, and the sources they receive funding from, they are unable to charge people to attend the seminars/workshops they put on, and are required to make the events available to the public.  However, they do have a budget for speakers and the promotion of each event.

They group their entrepreneurs into three groups:  

Entry Level: those just starting – or hoping to start soon

Emerging Level: businesses typically doing over $200,000 per year

Advanced Level: businesses typically doing over $1,000,000 per year

However, these levels are primary based on the skill development of each entrepreneur.

5. Length of event:

The events we have done in the past have ranged from 3.5 hours to full-day events.  We are very flexible with regard to the type of event, as well as the content that would be presented. The goal of each event is to provide each entrepreneur tools, resources, and knowledge to help them go back an make positive, lasting, changes in their businesses.

However, the primary focus this year is on teaching entrepreneurs how to scale their businesses.

6. Previous Speakers:

They attempt to have somewhere between four and six of these events each year.

Here’s a partial list of speakers from 2013:

Les McKeown 

Bryan Dodge

Bryan Franklin

Ari Weinzweig

Sam Carpenter


Thanks again for taking the time to review this information.  I look forward to hearing back from you, and answering any additional questions you may have.



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Consulting Opportunity

A client of Alan Fortier’s produces the glass doors for frozen food cases in
supermarkets. They are seeking a market research consultant to help them
diversify by reporting back with:
1. Identify other “Glass” market segments and compare Market segment
attractiveness: Segment size, growth rates, current suppliers, trends, entry
opportunities, how to win
2. Review fit with the company’s strengths and assets to judge segment
likelihood for success
3. Create a crude business plan: Needed products, target accounts, Needed
selling resources, Needed mfg. capacity, timing to ramp up to a target sales
level, what would be the value proposition and advantage that wins share?
The individual or company must be very experienced in this type of primary
research (examples and references), with knowledge of the industrial glass
market a plus.
Send contact info and background to Alan Fortier,

DO NOT contact me, contact Alan Fortier directly.

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Honest Arrogance

I think it was Frank Lloyd Wright to observed he had the choice between practicing honest arrogance and hypocritical humility, chose the former, and never regretted it.

In consulting, no one is going to break down your door and haul you over to their company while stuffing money in your pockets. They need to hear from you, of you, about you. You need to blow your own horn and encourage others to make more music in your favor.

Humility has its place—receiving an award, allowing others to shine, sharing credit. But it has no place in marketing, in convincing others or your value, in demonstrating to others that you are the expert and thought leader.

I don’t want to follow a tentative ski instructor, because I don’t want to spend my life on the bunny hill.

© Alan Weiss 2013

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Scared Money Doesn’t Win

I heard the outstanding sports writer Mike Lupica say this earlier today: Scared money doesn’t win. It’s a race track term, and it implies that you seldom win by being conservative and afraid to place big bets.

The same applies to consultants. If you’re afraid to see the top executive, afraid to pick up the phone (and hide behind email instead), afraid to sing your own praises and show how good you are, and afraid to charge high fees for high value, you’re not going to have much of a successful career. You can listen for “tips” from those, like the racetrack touts, who claim to have the winning horse, but if they did, they wouldn’t need to be trying to sell you tips.

Or, if you’re not afraid, you can listen to me and succeed like few do.

© Alan Weiss 2013

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Consulting Opportunity

Onsite Boston Harassment Training this summer

Someone’s client in Boston is looking for an onsite Harassment Training


Must be the trainer’s specialty (She is also considering law firms)

Must be local to Boston

Timeframe is summer

Contact me at by May 15

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Request for Expertise

Please respond directly to Joe, not to me:
Hi Alan
Hope you’re well
I’m looking for an independent consultant who understands the market for online Facebook games. Do you know anyone or know where I can look?

Dr J Zammit-Lucia

US: +1 646 270 1806
Europe: +34 639 933 977
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Organization 101

I’ve been discussing the importance of the success loop of organization/control/power/success/self-esteem ( I’d like to focus on what I mean by “organization.”

Many of you will find this heretical, counterintuitive, and irritating, which is why I’m having so much fun suggesting it:

  1. Don’t use your email software for project management. Use it to send and receive emails. Keep it clean and simple, and empty at the end of the day. Use files with client names, or personal projects, or deadlines to store only vital material outside of your email system.
  2. Stop worrying about upgrading and improving your software and hardware. You don’t need the latest bells and whistles unless your own system is failing or incompatible with others’ systems. Obsessing about six backup systems which enable you to store information in the event of plague or UFO attack is simply wasted time. If I lost all my files tomorrow, I could still successfully deal with my clients WHO WOULD BE CALLING ME!
  3. Get yourself off the social media time dumps. I looked at Facebook ten minutes ago, just in case it’s radically changed due to some miracle in the masses. It’s as stupid as ever. Someone on Linkedin actually posted an article about how it’s impossible to make a million a year as a solo consultant. That means you’re now reading the advice of an imaginary person. As Daffy Duck used to say, “What a moron!”
  4. Schedule whatever really needs to get done and stop making “to do” lists which merely stir the soup but never serve it.
  5. Find three professional and/or personal priorities that are urgent to accomplish and schedule them for tomorrow. Forget about anything else until you get them done at the times you designate.
  6. Turn off your phone and return calls, don’t be available to be interrupted unless you have a phone appointment. Don’t allow your computer to signal the arrival of email. Check email only three times a day. Leave all social email for the evening.
  7. Stop giving your cell phone number to everyone, and keep it turned off or refuse calls unless it’s your family or top clients. And I’m not so sure about your family.
  8. Relax. You need “ramp down” time if you’re to “ramp up.” Set aside time to play with the dog, listen to music, exercise, or veg out during the day.
  9. Help yourself first. Learn to say “No” to requests for your free help without feeling you have to explain yourself. Your first “obligation” is to be happy and successful, so that you can make others happy and successful. Notice the order?

10.Choose your fights. Get a life. Not every setback is devastating. Tuck your ego away. Ask for help. Stop arguing over who gets to sit near the window. Have some tolerance. Give some ground. Just don’t give away the store.

© Alan Weiss 2013

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