The Stupidest Thing On Facebook This Morning

On why you shouldn’t only open car doors for women, posted by a man: “We didn’t even begin to discuss if the act of “opening a car door” for someone is truly a sign of respect and/or being caring (or is it an attempt to “impress”). If you believe that act is a sign of caring, you do it for everyone and not just one gender.” (How many repeat dates did this guy have? Imagine, THIS is his issue today, …

Stupidest Notice I’ve Received Today

“I’m on holiday and your email will automatically be deleted, so please write again to my administrative assistant at this address: _________________.” She paid for a subscription to my offerings. It’s going to be deleted, I’d guess, and we’re certainly not going to resend it to her assistant, since it’s automated. You just can’t make this stuff up.