How to Make Two Million Bucks

If you see one true buyer a week (50 annually), and convert half of them (25) to clients, and your average project fee is $50,000, that’s an annual income of $1.25 million. And if you are successful doing that the next year, but also expand the original 25 with another $20,000 in business, that’s $1.75 million ($1.25 million plus $500,000). And if you reach back to 25 older clients and do just $10,000 ($250,000), that’s a two million dollar year. …

Excuse Me, But I Have Something to Offer

If you want to overcome fears, guilt, trepidation, and other obstacles to your performing well in marketing, just change your mindset. Instead of believing that you’re “selling” something, and that you either win (get the sale) or lose (don’t get the sale), believe (and behave accordingly) you’re providing value. Therefore, you’re in a win/win dynamic. You’re never interfering, never “dueling” with the prospect, never facing objections (but rather expressions of interest). It’s all in your head. If you’re worried about …

Let’s Talk

Don’t go to a “sales call,” go to a conversation. Don’t interview someone, have a conversation. Don’t treat a question as hostile, have a conversation. When your default position is a competition instead of a conversation, you’re going to lose quiet a few of them. But I’ve never “lost’ a conversation.


The retail auto, insurance, and real estate professions—to name three—rely extensively on referral business. The all-stars therein are adept at eliciting referrals. You don’t have to rely wholly on them. All you need are a couple a week. Those others’ careers depend on them. Maybe you should start believing that yours does, too.

The Power of Absence

Jumping on a bandwagon is not a good idea. I’d rather watch it race by, out of control, until it crashes in a ditch. I’m thinking of bitcoin, or multi-level marketing (Ponzi schemes), or pet rocks, or all those derivative people who tried to create their own Chicken Soup for the Soul books, because they have no creativity of their own (Turkey Gizzards for the Epidermis) and never took time to realize that Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (both of whom I …

Is Anyone Really Out There?

This is the marketing business. That means that, no matter how wonderful your ideas, approaches, or IP, you must bring them to the attention of an economic buyer. More people have succeeded with average approaches and timely, focused marketing than have succeeded with brilliant ideas that no one ever hears about. And then, of course, there are those with great ideas who consistently reach their ideal buyers. We call those people “millionaires.”

Outside the Circle

Villanova beat Kansas last night in the NCAA Final Four because they kept making three-point baskets while Kansas made two-point baskets or one-point foul shots. If I make three points and you make two points on equal shooting, I will beat you every time. It’s sort of like odds at the casino. (In football, if you make field goals and I make touchdowns, and equal number of scores puts me four points up on you each time.) Are you practicing …