I Was Just Thinking About You

It’s hard not to continue listening to someone you know who calls and says, “I was thinking about you….” That’s a pretty good way to revive a relationship with a past buyer. Of course, then you have to provide the value that prompted you to think about that person. That takes zero investment, just some inventiveness.

The Numbers

The average number of followers per person on Twitter is 704, and 60% of Linkedin users have fewer than 1,000 connections (source: Google). For most people, no matter what they put on there, very few people are seeing it, and only a tiny fraction of those who may see it represent anything near potential buyers. You’re kidding yourself if you think social media are your primary marketing avenues for corporate sales.

Do You Love Me Or Not?

I’ve found that referrals are THE key source of business; that many consultants procrastinate about asking clients for referrals; that the reason for this is fear of rejection; and yet these clients are people who have already hired and paid the consultant for value. What’s wrong with that picture?

Just Hit the Wall

I was a fair squash player but an excellent racketball player (I love a sport where you can miss the first time and hit the ball the second time if it doesn’t touch the floor). I learned to control the “T” and I had high acceleration. But I became highly competitive when I learned that not every shot could be a “kill” shot. You can’t expect to score a point with every stroke. Sometimes—often—you merely have to stay in the …

Signs of A Winner

The primary elections were over Tuesday night here and on Wednesday and beyond all those people who had campaign signs on their lawns and in their windows for the winners will keep them there, and the same after the general election in November. Those with the losers’ signs will dispose of them quickly. (There are still people riding around with bumper stickers proclaiming “I voted for Hillary” and I think they should be forced to take another driver’s test.) People …

Work and Play

I’ve encouraged people to use their personal hobbies and passions in their work. For example, if you play an instrument, use the metaphors in your web presence and collateral: “harmony, off-key, pitch perfect,” etc. If you’re a tennis player, there are “smashes and lobs, close to the net, working the baseline” (or so I’m told!). I’ve just posted scores of pictures from our safari here and elsewhere on social media and the response has been fantastic. Become on object of …

Getting Attention

I’ll be working at my desk and the dogs come in demanding to be petted. The puppy stands up and claws at my arm, and Bentley simply pushes my chair around until I rub his back. Your customers and prospects aren’t responding to you? They’re busy with their own work? Maybe you should start nudging them. You need to get their attention with unique value, relevant insights, important advice, fascinating predictions. Clawing and pushing might work, also.