Client Service 601

We’ve all been exposed to what I call Client Service 101, an amateurish training provided by inexpensive firms to equip phone representatives to better deal with outraged customers, that outrage being caused by deficient products, services, and/or delivery procedures.

It goes like this:

• I know how frustrated you must feel.

• This must be very difficult for you.

• I’ve experienced this in my dealings with companies myself.

• I don’t blame you for being so upset.

It’s like a Samaritans’ suicide prevention hot line.

Here’s what I advise for Client Service 601, the graduate program I’ve created:

• Let me see how I can immediately help you and correct this.

• What would make you happy right now and demonstrate that we want to help?

• Would it be acceptable if we sent a replacement to arrive in 48 hours?

• I can process a refund immediately if you prefer.

Is that so hard? One unhappy customer produces on average 24 negative mentions or referrals.

I know how frustrated you must feel by that.

© Alan Weiss 2017

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