If commitment is desired from employees, then they need commensurate power. They need to have the prerogative to make decisions which influence the outcome of their work. They need the authority to resolve customer requests, complaints, and suggestions. They need the accountability to be responsible for results.

If you don’t provide that kind of autonomy, authority, and accountability, you might have compliant employees, but not committed ones. The latter consider the company resources their own, to be conserved, and the company goals to be their own, to be exceeded. The former are simply a part of your machinery, uncaring, following their programming.

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2 thoughts on “Commitment

  1. Most ’empowerment’ articles/efforts lack the real authority you talk about. It’s akin to the same articles/efforts about motivating people, which you can’t do but you can/should create an environment to inspire them to greater outcomes. And that starts here with your three A’s (autonomy, authority, and accountability). Good post as always Alan.

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