Confrontation with Buyers

I don’t believe buyers are usually “damaged,” but many of them aren’t terribly good at what they do, though they have the potential. Companies don’t develop their “bench strength” effectively.

Don’t be bashful about confronting a buyer who wants to involve others to get consensus, or  (in a non-profit) is worried about what board members might say, or who feels everything is fine (in other words, let’s not make waves). Some useful language:

• This is a strategic decision, people are looking to your for leadership. Don’t create a belief that you want your team to make the decision.

• HR will, by default, oppose change. They feel threatened by anything they haven’t thought of or are incapable of doing. Use them for implementation (how) but never direction (what).

• The board hired you to run the place. If you go to them with every important decision they’re going to wonder why they need you.

• Everything is never “fine.” If the board gave you a million dollars and told you to invest it where needed most, would you return the money? I doubt it. What would you do with it? That’s our priority.

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