DASM: CVS (Once Again)

I’m at the register paying my bill when the nearby theft protector goes off at the door as two people walk out, and a recorded voice asks them to stop until store personnel arrive. I ask the two employees nearest me if they’re going to go over there.

“Oh, no, we have to see them take something,” one says.

“The system is there,” I tell them, “because you can’t see people stealing things in the aisles. Why don’t you ask them to step back in?”

“Our manager told us not to take action unless he tells us.”

“Your manager is virtually never here at the front of the store.”

“We only do what we’re told.”

“That’s the problem with you and this operation.”

Why would you install expensive theft detection devices, often require customers to wait while products are actually disarmed, and then ignore the system alerting you that there’s a problem of potential theft? This is the same place where I once saw kids pulling food off the shelves, throwing it around, and then replacing it. When I told a store employee she said, “We won’t interfere because then their parents will complain.”

CVS: Completely Void of Sense

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