Death Lessons

Why does it require “celebrity suicides” for people to proclaim there’s a problem? Both Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain had huge resources available to them to help battle the   emotional illnesses that plagued them. Even they weren’t enough.

These deaths, as are all such deaths, are tragic. These two just happen to merit news prominence. But there are at least two things to be learned (and I once worked for a year on a suicide hotline while working on my PhD):

  1. We need to do much more to recognize the signs and symptoms of self-destructive behavior, and provide proper early response and support.
  2. There are no “ideal lives,” and we need to change the “cult of celebrity” which intoxicates so many of us. We are all simply mortals, and we ought to focus on becoming the best we can be and not what we perceive as the best someone else is.

One thought on “Death Lessons

  1. Love this, thank you Alan.

    I’ve found that “idealization” is one bounce away from “idolization” and “blue-sky thinking” is a poor substitute for increased awareness and action.

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