Deflated Balls and Inflated Egos

When I spoke at chapter meetings for professional speakers, and I was the most successful person in the room by a factor of 1,000, some people would say, “He’s really a consultant, you can’t judge your success against his.” When I spoke at consultants’ meetings with the same ratio, they would say, “He’s really a speaker, you can’t judge your success against his.”


This is how small minds react to excellence: find a way to discount it and pretend it doesn’t apply to your situation.


The Patriots, of deflated ball fame, would have beaten the Colts with ping pong balls or beach balls, so much were they of superior talent and coaching. They arrived at their record this season with superb play. They cause great resentment in others because the franchise keeps winning, year after year, and others don’t.


The sanctimonious, holier-than-thou, self-righteous bleating going on about “cheating” at the moment is farcical. Most of those who express the most outrage have really cheated: on their taxes, their résumés, the “true” stories they tell, their claimed results, their academic performance—you name it. Most of the media crowd have lied in trying to get stories and persuading people to talk or color their observations. Every trade association meeting I attend is filled with people lying about how well they’re doing.


I’ve never seen so many people eager to throw the first stone, utterly cleansed of any sins themselves. But, don’t listen to me, I’m really a writer, and you can’t judge by my expertise.


© Alan Weiss 2015

2 thoughts on “Deflated Balls and Inflated Egos

  1. What’s truly amazing about all the “bleating about alleged cheating” by the Patriots is the source of the allegations in the first place–the Colts Football operation. I guess if you can’t beat your opponents on the field, smearing them in the press is the next best thing. Small minds indeed.

  2. It’s also interesting how people love to go after the people not top any way they can. Peyton Manning was actually booed in Denver in the last game, and without him they really have no team. I think the people yelling the loudest about the Patriots are the ones who cheated on exams in school and lie on their tax returns!

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