Do You Have A Leak?

When you have a water leak, it makes sense to check the fittings, the faucet, the valves, and so forth. Somewhere along the pipe something has gone wrong.

If you have a buyer who has agreed to review a proposal but then “goes dark,” you have a sales process leak in one of these areas:

  1. You weren’t interesting or compelling and the buyer just wanted to get you out of the office without saying “No” to your face.
  2. Your ROI wasn’t sufficient because you had little monetization and/or the objectives were purely internal.
  3. Your process and proposal made sense, but the buyer didn’t believe that you could pull it off, because there was insufficient trust.
  4. You were insensitive to the conversation and missed certain responses and/or didn’t ask the right questions to begin with.
  5. You failed to reconfirm everything before you left the meeting, including budget if necessary, and didn’t agree on the next time, date, and action.

Some buyers are just rude, but that’s unlikely if you’ve gone as far as a proposal. Your pipes are leaking in one of those five areas.

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