Do You Know What You Don’t Know?

I’ve been approached by two people in the last two days for advice on whether I would coach them. Both seemed very expert in their fields, had been in the business for a decade, and had fine reputations, from what I could determine.

And both were making about $250,000 before taxes, which is dreadful. They have poor business models, lousy fee structures, and undervalue their own contributions.

It’s a better than fifty percent chance that they’ll both tell me they can’t afford me, which is part of the doom loop they’re in (can’t afford help because of poor results, can improve results because of no help). The fact is, of course, that if you’re an educated person with ten years in a field making far less than you deserve (and less than many blue collar workers), you need me more than you can ever imagine!

People take bank loans in order to afford a house. Perhaps a loan in order to afford a decent career would also make some sense….

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