10 thoughts on “Does A Rock Have A Gender?

  1. I curled for a couple of seasons for fun, so don’t take this as fact… but I believe the reason for it was the difference in the amount of force you can exert on the broom head. I’ve seen the difference first hand, and it really changes the level of control you have over the rock. (There’s no difference in the force you can throw the rock, because the rock is always thrown maybe half as light as you could possibly throw it, even in fast take-out shots.)

    BTW, where’s the womens’ 4-person bobsled?

      • It does seem counterintuitive, given the cultural stereotypes.

        So we know that what makes the rock go straighter and faster is the sweeping. Sweeping adds heat, turning the surface from frozen to liquid. The more liquid, the straigher and faster the rock goes. The harder you can apply force (in the very short amount of time you have the broom contacting the surface about 6 inches in front of the stone, typically much less than a second) the faster you turn the surface to liquid, and the better control you have over the stone.

        So it doesn’t show well on the TV, but sweepers lean their whole body into the broom (while staying balanced on slippery ice while moving down the ice with the rock, which is very demanding). They also use their upper body and arm muscles to exert huge amounts of pressure on the broom head. If you did a side by side comparison of men vs women, on average the men are going to have more body weight and more muscle strength.

        So in answer to your question… in the Curling world. 🙂

        • You may feel it’s the brooms, but to me this is bocce on ice. What I saw among men’s and women’s teams was some pretty poor strategy and some choking on the throws/rolls/tosses—whatever. The Japanese women gave the Koreans the last fling and all they had to do was put it “in the house,” and they did.

          • If it wasn’t extremely difficult to master, it wouldn’t be in the olympics. You’ll have to give it a try and let us know if it’s as easy as it looks. There’s a club near you. Let us all know how you get on 😉

          • Wait a minute. It’s not difficult to master a hundred meter dash or a downhill ski trip. It’s difficult to excel at a world class level, but the sports aren’t difficult to undertake. So something doesn’t have to be difficult to be in the Olympics (ping pong, volley ball, speed skating) the ability to do it best in the world is the hard part. It is simply bocce on ice. If you put ping pong on ice I guess it would be a different sport, but so what? Bowling is more difficult than curling. Why isn’t that in the Olympics?

  2. Curiously enough, wikipedia says bowling was demonstrated at the Olympics in 1988, included in 2015 for the 2020 Summer Olympics … and then promptly withdrawn that same year (2015) due to lack of youth appeal 🙂

    • That would be solved by compulsory viewings of “The Big Lebowski” to all youths prior to every Olympic exhibition.

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