Dumb Ass Stupid Management with Honors: Enterprise Rental Cars

Enterprise delivered a Jaguar to me last Friday at the Delano Hotel in Miami to drive through Alligator Alley to Naples, about a 2.5-hour trip. That road has some serious crime statistics in terms of motorists who are stranded, especially at night.

So I was shocked when the dashboard informed me I had 24 miles left in the tank with 50 miles to my destination. I found two state troopers with 15 miles left and they told me in 10 miles there was an exit with gas stations (exits are few and far between and there is none on the road). I made it to the pump with four miles left in the tank.

How abominably stupid, unconcerned, cheap, and amateurish is Enterprise, not only to send a car with less than half a tank but also to not inform me, not with the agent who had me sign the forms, nor with any paperwork indicating that obnoxious practice or the state of the fuel? Should I have checked it? Maybe so, but when was the last time you rented a car from a major company and felt you had to make sure the tank was filled?

Never again. Never. These people are too stupid to merit our business, and who knows what else in their cars is only half adequate?

8 thoughts on “Dumb Ass Stupid Management with Honors: Enterprise Rental Cars

  1. Enterprise policies like this are a hold out from the day when they were exclusively serving the insurance replacement market and people rarely took the cars on vacation. They don’t fill the cars up when they are returned becuase it erodes profits and each branch manager is paid a commission on the profit from their branch.

    This is a great example of a company’s business practices ot keeping pace wit their market and customer requirements.

  2. Good point. It shows they are asleep at the switch strategically, and oblivious to feedback. The internet reviews of the company are ghastly, but they simply don’t care. It’s a Mickey Mouse operation focused solely on short-term profit.

  3. I didn’t have that issue trekking across Canada over Christmas with Enterprise or any other car rental Co. – all filled up or noted if it was slightly below the full line. Perhaps it was just a local thing. Very shoddy. Hope they pay attention to your post.

    Internet says most expensive/recent upgrade to Tesla puts it at 315 miles range. That doesn’t sound confidence-inspiring, but adequate for that one-way trip.

  4. Tesla consistently over-exaggerates its range, turning off the air conditioning and staying under 65 MPH. I’d take a quarter to a third off of any Tesla estimate. My Rolls Royce or Bentley can do 300 miles on one tank, and it takes two minutes to fill the tank at any one of a zillion gas stations. It takes forever (30 minutes at absolute best) to recharge a Tesla fully IF you can find the apparatus, otherwise, it takes overnight plugged in like a toaster. No thanks. It’s a toy, and it’s losing money hand over fist.

    • Hilarious. Don’t have any experience with them over here in Australia. I did see a couple of charging stations in car parks recently in Toronto, but couldn’t see myself doing it.

      Did Tesla ever “make” money? I thought it was all government subsidies and investors?

  5. Tesla is a charity, gaining government subsidies and lobbying for penalties on internal combustion engines while losing money daily. Musk is a fantasist, not an entrepreneur. Right now, you’ve got a card heavily lade with batteries dependent on government handouts with huge quality problems. But the drivers feel good about themselves, especially when disrupting a trip to find a plug.

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