Dumbest Thing in the Last Hour

It’s incredible how abysmally stupid people are in their marketing. Look at this piece of junk that came to me a few minutes ago:

Hi Alan, I wanted to update you on the status of 2008 XXXXXXX
Marketplace Resource Directory as I think it would be ideal fit for
Summit Consulting.

XXXXXXX is the fastest growing business community for corporate
executives in the world, and we’re preparing to launch our Marketplace
Resource Directory. Because of your company’s reputation, we’d like to
invite your participation as a qualified vendor. This exclusive
opportunity allows you to target thousands of top training executive
decision makers across the country, network among them, and drive more
traffic to your website to drive inquiries and more sales — all within a
single resource.

Here is an overview, XXXXXXXXXXXXX

We have limited space, so would you take a look and let me know of your
interest? Thanks, Alan.

I don’t know this guy, but the “vendor” and “training” and entire, dumb philosophy shows why you can make it as a consultant when so many others act so stupidly. Would you buy ANYTHING from someone who markets like this? Would executives use his directory to make decisions? Would they use it for anything at all other than to weight down the trash?

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