Enterprise: Dumb Ass Stupid Management

DO NOT RENT FROM ENTERPRISE. After their horrible service, and less than half-filled tank without notice, they’ve lost the car! They were told (there’s an email record) to pick the car up at the La Playa resort, have failed to do so for two weeks, and left a message last night that they need their car back! Of course, you can’t return the call because they have limited hours, and the resort informed me that Enterprise was aware but simply hasn’t come to get their car. When I finally made contact this morning, the Enterprise manager told me he was very unhappy with my critique and nothing was their fault. This comes from the top, believe me, they are consistently surly and uncaring. They have earned my Dumb Ass Stupid Management Award, with oak leaf clusters, and a spot in the DASM Hall of Shame.

2 thoughts on “Enterprise: Dumb Ass Stupid Management

  1. The “Oak Leaf Clusters” part just made my week. Thank you, Dr. Weiss!

    *I feel I need to make a ribbon graphic for this now….

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