8 thoughts on “Episode 56: European Stuff That Makes Sense

  1. Agree with your points, Alan. New York yellow cabs are a lot cheaper than London black cabs so you get what you pay for.

    I actually think the UK has more in common culturally with the US than Mainland Europe, especially from a London/New York perspective. I know I’d rather make the seven hour flight across the Atlantic as opposed to the one and a half hour train journey under the English Channel to Paris.

  2. Not a matter of price but of standards. New York allows almost insulting demeanor. You’d never find a London cabbie who can’t speak English, doesn’t know where major hotels are, is eating some abominable smelling stuff, and yacking on a cell phone.

  3. Not the British any more. Bentley is made in Germany, just assembled in the UK, Jaguar is owned by a foreign firm, so is Rolls. I think they still make Morgans.

    Europeans in general know how to build better cars at the high end than anyone, that’s true: Bentley, Ferrari, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, et. al.

  4. Spot on Alan.
    When I first saw the post I thought, here we go, London this and London that.
    Great to hear a level headed appraisal.
    I don’t understand why the level of service is so poor in London. Some of us in London make an effort but some people look at us strange for doing so.

  5. Service is also lousy in Australia and Canada, compared to the US. I think it’s the old Empire and dole combined, plus the automatic gratuities built in. There is a resentment against those who seem to be doing better, whereas in the US this is an admirable trait.

  6. Alan, in the UK and France waiters see themselves as a members of the oppressed proletariate whereas in America they see themselves as financially embarrassed millionaires.

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