First Things First

First thing in the morning I take the dogs into the yard before heading for the garage and a coffee and biscuit run. But they don’t relieve themselves right away, despite being inside for the prior seven hours or so.

Bentley runs up and down the yard six times, maybe 300 yards in total, working off his energy, head high, looking all over. Then he sniffs along the tree line and finally attends to nature. Buddy Beagle puts his nose on the ground and tracks in strange patterns all over the yard. I see no evidence of any animal having been there, but Buddy looks at me like, “There was a stegosaurus here last night, how did you miss it?!” Then he relieves himself and we’re ready to roll.

Too many people begin their day slowly. “I can’t operate without my coffee” is really a victim’s line. (Worse, the people who have to tell the limo driver to stop at a Starbucks before they get to my house for a meeting. Really? I could excuse crack cocaine….)

Maybe we need to begin with a flourish, and immediately see what’s out there. Forget about identifying a scent, some of us bump into buyers, never look up, say “Excuse me,” and move on. I guess they’re searching for a Starbucks so they can begin their day.

© Alan Weiss 2016

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