Frauds and Thieves

Today I received a notice from the International Patent & Trademark Office in the Czech Republic (of course) that I owed $2,225 (nice number) to continue the registration of one of my trademarks internationally. I receive a couple of these a month originating  from various small countries in Europe.

These are fraudulent, just as much as the Nigerians who tell you that a great inheritance awaits you if you just send some money first, and the hackers who use others’ email to tell you they’re stranded in Andorra and need a few thousand to get back home.

My attorney tells me it’s pretty big potential for the crooks in trademark land because so many people don’t know any better. (You’re smart enough to obtain a trademark but think someone in central Europe needs to be paid to protect it?)

In case you need it, heed it: These are fakes. Don’t pay them. But do pay an attorney to teach you something about legitimately protecting your intellectual property.

© Alan Weiss 2015

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