Game of Moans

Game of Thrones was so boring last  night that if it were the first one I’d watched, I’d never come back. Apparently, with its popularity, the writers became confused and thought they were writing Don Quixote or The Grapes of Wrath, except those works have more action.

We’re watching this for dragons, battles, revenge, the creatures outside the wall, and intrigue. Last night there was so much exposition that it was like watching a Congressional subcommittee on estate taxes.

Breath some fire and stop breathing your own exhuast.

© Alan Weiss 2013

2 thoughts on “Game of Moans

  1. They’re definitely starting to mix up plot lines – adding material from later books and leaving out important threads from this one. Frustrating to see added scenes of exposition that really didn’t need to be there when they’re leaving out so much. The latest book was much the same.

  2. This week was somewhat better, the dragon negotiations were quite good, the hand loss you could see coming. You’re correct, though, it appears the writers assume the viewers have read the books, which is an arrogant position from which to write.

    Exposition on Mad Men is fascinating and moves the plot lines. Exposition on Thrones is merely filler and bogs it down.

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