Go Long

When I was young, we’d gather in the schoolyard to play a variety of games, one of the most popular of which was touch football. In the huddle, the quarterback would actually tell each kid what to do: “You block Jones, you block Daniels, you run a short pass pattern on the right,” and so on, Since I was very fast (I became a varsity sprinter in high school in my freshman year) I was usually told, “Weiss, you go long.” That meant I ran like hell and tried to get behind the deepest defender.

I caught a lot of touchdown passes.

We all need to reserve the option to “go long.” Suggest a six-figure project as option 1. Recommend you immediately go on retainer. Ask a happy client for referrals every time you visit.

You may gain some yards on short plays, but you need to go long (think big) if you want to score in less time and less effort.

© Alan Weiss 2015

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