Great Blues

I’m sitting at the pool around 3 today with a Cuban cigar, a Nestle’s Crunch, and the Wall Street Journal. Just when I don’t think things can get any better, a pterodactyl (AKA, Great Blue Heron) flies a loop over the lake and lands in a tree. I didn’t know they could land in trees. We have a heron almost daily, patiently finding fish for lunch, but solely wading in the water.

This one keeps shaking its neck feathers and I hear a strange sound. Soon it drops out of the tree and is followed by a second Great Blue from below the pool where I couldn’t see it. In 29 years, I’ve never seen two Great Blues here at once.

I’ve asked Chad, the technical wizard, whether he can put the quick video I shot with my iPhone up here to show the two of them flying away like heavy bombers.

Amazing what happens when you look up.

© Alan Weiss 2013

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