Guest Column: The Power of Passion

The Power of Passion


By Garry Beavis


Umpteen ingredients impinge on and are part and parcel of professional services. These impact our ability to market our services; communicate our value; affect our effectiveness in creation and delivery; and how we create trusting and sustained relationships with clients.


Nothing impacts on our professionalism and our value, perceived or otherwise, more than passion does. Nothing can impact more on the direction of our professional ‘purpose’ and transition than passion does.


Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle suggests that “we can never be sure of anything” or “there are some things we can never be sure of.” This cannot be truer when we question ourselves about what we do, why we do it or whether there’s an alternate reality for us. When we have identified and know what our real passion is and we have clarity about the how, what, where, when and why, then we can be far surer of things and there are many more things we can be sure of.


Why do I do what I do? If you considered your response or responses to this question would you easily identify language or feelings that emanate any passion for what you do?


This is what I do for a living! If passion is lacking in your response to the first question above then the tone of your response to this statement would more than likely transmit hints of tolerance and resentment for what you do.


Is this really what I’m meant to be doing? The question itself connotes and assumes a negative response is coming. Haven’t we all asked our self this very question? Of course we have. It happens more than just the once. We feel dissatisfied with what we are doing, where we are and we have a clouded yearning for change.


Professional careers can track along the same continuous line with little or no deviation or feel like you reside in the grooves on a never ending vinyl record. For many people that can be a satisfying and comfortable situation to live out. For others it can be, and should be, the catalyst to make dramatic changes that resurrect passion and realise new professional frontiers.


We never want to sell our career to a profession that leaves us wilting on the vine or to a firm or company that fails to appreciate our contribution. Far better for us to buy a career with unlimited satisfaction guarantees and one that sates our passion.



© Garry Beavis 2015



Garry Beavis is a financial, business and professional services expert who helps professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurs to discover their intrinsic value and dramatically increase professional growth and personal success.


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