How A Rodent Provided My IP

A squirrel was looking at me through the window from a tree this morning, about three floors off the ground. It was perfectly safe from most predators in the evergreen, and fairly sheltered, but it would have to go down on the ground and take some risks in order to eat. A few minutes later, it was gone.

The same applies to you and me. If I merely stayed at home I’d eventually exhaust the food supplies and have to go out or call outside to have something delivered. Either way, I’d have to open my door.

Forget about the looney “safe zones” in colleges and among the coddled and spoiled. You have to go out in the streets to build a business. There is no safe zone in entrepreneurialism. There is prudent risk and great risk and blind gambling. It’s up to you to decide how “unsafe” to be, but you’ll be better off than those under a security blanket.

So is that squirrel.

© Alan Weiss 2017

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