How Do You Like These Apples?

If you’ve been reading about Apple, you’ll see that it has more cash than anyone else, including most governments: $250 billion, which is more than the cash reserves of Great Britain and Canada combined. It appears they might have to declare a very large dividend in the near future.

For many years, my financial advisors, who do my taxes but also have a wealth management division which I don’t use, urged me bring my investments to them and to sell off a great deal of Apple because my portfolio was too heavy with it, and it couldn’t keep improving. They warned me when Steve Jobs became ill, after he passed away, and annually thereafter.

I ignored them and have profited handsomely. (I originally purchased Apple at $17, not because I’m a brilliant investor but because I tended to buy stock in companies which hired me and/or which had great products I loved using.)

Don’t trust people who use formulas and generic metrics to give you advice, no matter what their “expertise” in their field. Learn to trust those who take the time to get to know you and, most of all, learn to trust yourself.

My financial people do great tax work. Investments? Not so much.

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