How Does This Work?

Someone in my community who’s a technical whiz just explained to me how to use the terrific magnifier on my iPhone X. There isn’t an instruction at all that comes with it. In fact, when I received my new iMac Pro, my son-in-law had a good time explaining to me how to turn it on (a small, recessed button, black-on-black, in the back).

These days a new doorknob comes with an instructional video. My pool robot has NASA-like documentation, videos, and web links.

I’m wondering about how much we assume about our clients. We think, for example, that there are common, rational requirements for communication (undisturbed, two-way, respectful, etc.) but does our client really assume the same thing?

I think a lot of us may not get repeat business because we install what we know to be a terrific model for improvement, but then neglect to tell the client how to turn it on and maintain it. (Or how to turn it off: Waze is a great app for driving, but the damn thing just won’t turn off, and I just about have to buy a new phone to be rid of it.)

My wife assumed I knew how to turn off and open a microwave. I did not, and wound up going out to eat. You never know….

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