I Don’t Need to Learn, I Just Need to Pass

The New York Post revealed a high school in New York allowing zero class attendance and credits for simply watching videos. The students were encouraged to write, attacking the Post for the exposé. The letters could have been written by parakeets simply walking over keyboards. Here’s the state of our “higher” education:



3 thoughts on “I Don’t Need to Learn, I Just Need to Pass

  1. Ironically, next to this article, “The NY Post” has articles entitled:

    “Miley, Katie Perry lock lips at LA Concert”
    “Amish beauty trades in bonnet for lingerie”
    “Cowell makes ‘new friends’ in Miami without baby mama”

  2. Oh dear.
    Once I laid my eyes upon the statement that this kind of learning is good because it lets you learn at your own ‘paste’, I couldn’t help but laugh out my tea.
    Any feeble attempts at credibility were killed by this testimonial alone.

    This has got to be a joke. It’s too funny not to be.

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