I Wanted to Write This, I Don’t Need Proof That You Read It

Can someone explain to me exactly what degree of loneliness or sense of inadequacy causes people to print on Facebook a rather boilerplate request that readers comment to “prove” they are reading the post? I must see this in just a quick perusal six times a day.

It’s one thing that people post inanities, like “If you could eliminate one adjective, what would it be?” or that they are printing intimate aspects of their life for semi-strangers, including pictures in hospital beds and of damaged body parts. I’ve never understood “I’m on the way to the airport now” but i do understand the need of some to say, “Spoke at the big event yesterday and they loved me!”

But you need to have proof that someone reads your posts, you need to force them to validate their interest in you? That is a loneliness that is depressing, and it’s why we need to involve ourselves in three-dimensional relationships, with people interacting in actuality, not virtual reality.

I used to tell people that they need love in their lives, not solely in their work. It also appears that it’s important to point out they we need love in actuality, not in time-adjusted, insincere virtuality.

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