Ignorance and Measles

Of all things, we have a measles outbreak, and there are STILL parents who will not allow their children to be vaccinated. Here’s an item from today’s New York Times:



“I said, ‘I’d rather you miss an entire semester than you get the shot.'”

CRYSTAL McDONALD, whose daughter was sent home from school during a measles outbreak because she had not been vaccinated. Once rare, cases are now popping up rapidly.

Can someone tell me why this should not be considered child abuse?


4 thoughts on “Ignorance and Measles

  1. Not only are they endangering their own children, but they put other people’s children at risk: infants (who are too young for the vaccine) and children with compromised immune systems (who can’t be vaccinated).

  2. Of all the hysterical conspiracies people invent, this one symbolizes the downgrading of American intelligence in favor or rumor and gossip. The woman in the quote should have her children taken away from her.

  3. My younger son’s preschool just asked for a copy of his immunizations. So I wonder if we are starting to see a crack down. I also read about a pediatrician in CA who is “firing” unvaccinated patients.

  4. It’s simply too dangerous for the public health to allow unvaccinated kids into the schools and doctor’s offices. It’s like saying that some people insist that photographers be shut down because their photos steal people’s souls.

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