I’m Weary of….


  • Men and women covered in tattoos that simply look like purple discolorations infecting their skin.
  • Men over 16 wearing baseball caps backwards.
  • People engaged in conversation while others in the room are trying to listen to a speaker.
  • “Between you and I.”
  • Profanity used as adjectives and as book titles as if we’re all going to be shocked instead of bored.
  • Headlines and reports about who knelt at a football game during the National Anthem.
  • Celebrity chefs naming their food with faux and silly names as if we’re all going to find them tastier if we can’t pronounce them.
  • Conspiracy nuts.
  • Football players celebrating after a play they are paid millions to make, especially when their team is losing.
  • Authors who write novels as if preparing for the screenplay.
  • Four-hour tasting menus which are simply exercises in arrogance, not culinary ability.
  • The lack of political capital and pride to do something about drugs, obscene college tuition, lack of gun control of any kind, and unequal health care.
  • Lowering the standard when you’re too lazy to try to meet it.
  • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, a ridiculously overpaid incompetent.
  • Megyn Kelly, who makes Roger Goodell seem well worth the money.
  • Awards acceptance speeches by functionally illiterate movie actors who can’t even read a teleprompter fluently and then so on to make an inane liberal point that doesn’t affect them because of their wealth.
  • Anyone who thinks Tesla is an auto company instead of a charity and Elon Musk is a visionary instead of a hustler. (Tesla will be sold to make him a fortune.)
  • People on Facebook who insist and demand that you prove you read their insipid posts.

One thought on “I’m Weary of….

  1. As a Canadian I can say yes to most of them and even yes to some that have nothing to do with Canada.
    Can you add people who it would appear have never been shown or do not know how to use a ‘Signal light’ while driving their vehicle and or why it might be a good reason to lean and use one!

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