In Case You Were Wondering What I Was Thinking

• Why do they say a terrorist group “took responsibility” for a terrorist act? Why don’t they say that the group admitted guilt for murder?

• A person who blows herself or himself up to kill others isn’t a “suicide bomber” but a “mass murderer.”

• Telling me you’re unhappy with my opinions in a free newsletter makes me wonder who’re reading it to you.

• I can watch old “Law and Order” episodes all day. They’re better than most new programming.

• We’re a bit of a hypocritical society. With rare exception, speed limits don’t exceed 75 MPH, yet we manufacture cars capable of over 200 MPH. We ban tobacco use in many places because of health risk, yet we don’t make it illegal to buy it.

• There is no “glass ceiling,” there are “glass walls.” Women and minorities are promoted into executive ranks but overwhelmingly in human resources, legal, finance, and administration. It’s rarer to find them in manufacturing, sales, marketing, and operations.

• Next time you’re moved to send an email to an important client or prospect, consider whether a phone call might be more effective and appropriate.

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