In Case You Were Wondering What I Was Thinking….

  • Barrington Middle School in Rhode Island has decided to cease publishing honor students’ names, another example of the great surrender to making everyone feel good instead of honoring excellence. Everyone is talking about the novel 1984 today, but it’s best exemplified by the politically correct language and actions of those who want to homogenize us. Did Hillary Clinton receive a “participation award”?
  • I’m bored by every theater company proving its chops by doing Shakespeare—I know the ending. But Festival Ballet Providence—in collaboration with the GAMM Theater—performed a stunning Romeo and Juliet last night worthy of anything I’ve seen in New York and better than Boston.
  • The election is over. Apparently some people have missed the memo.
  • The Patriots’ Super Bowl win would have made an implausible movie. To me, it was like watching Sandy Koufax pitch one of his four no-hitters, knowing at the time that I was watching the greatest in history. We will never see the likes of this Patriot run again once Brady leaves, but next year, he could just do it again.
  • The stock market gaining over a hundred points while approaching 2100 is now no big deal, lost in the news.
  • Why is anyone surprised at “fake news” when we have fake media?
  • Finding some of these obscure cable/Netflix/Amazon TV shows reminds me of finding those tiny movie art houses in New York in the 70s, where we could watch Woody Allen’s latest offering in a room seating about a hundred people.
  • Once again, it snows in New England in the winter and everyone is astounded.
  • Under Mayor Rudy Giuliani, no vehicles blocked intersections in New York City. Under Bill de Blasio, municipal buses do so with impunity.
  • Too many people believe an SUV is a magic snow vehicle, but it’s just a large car if you don’t have it equipped right or drive it correctly in the snow.
  • I have a funny feeling that a trained German Shepherd would be a lot more effective than a female flight attendant behind a food cart in terms of protecting the pilot who’s using the restroom or getting some coffee.

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