Initial This

A woman contacted me on Linkedin, told me she’s reading two of my books, tried two approaches, and they didn’t work the way she had hoped, so I should change my approaches. She also told me to remove part of my advice on finances to new consultants because she doesn’t agree with it.

She has nine initials and two commas after her name. I don’t know why she even reads my books, she apparently already knows everything, and if something doesn’t work, despite the fact it’s worked for tens of thousands of others, it’s not her fault. It’s mine.

Some people throw a welcome party for new ideas. And some people strangle them, usually with an excess of initials.

© Alan Weiss 2014

2 thoughts on “Initial This

  1. If every toddler gave up after their first few attempts at working they would never learn to walk on their own. It makes you wonder what she does when a client rejects her approaches the first go around. Perhaps look at the initials after her name believing she doesn’t have enough and embarks on another initial granting program.

    It’s amazing how too many people believe the more letters you have after your name it will garner you immediate respect. For me it means you spent a lot of money on certifications that only mean something to those who give them and not to your clients.

    Personally, I have always believed that the only letters you are allowed to place after your name are PHD or ESQ. Anything else is a cover for your own insecurity.

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