Instant Expertise (Just Add Confidence)

Don’t read others’ ideas to try to generate your own expertise and thought leadership. Create your own, faster than instant coffee:

One minute expertise creation:

1. Identify the area of expertise (10 seconds)

2. Create three key, provocative points (20 seconds)

3. Make two stunning projections (20 seconds)

4. Choose first conveyance vehicle (5 seconds)

5. Integrate your success (5 seconds)


1. Customer retention

2. A) Retention should be at 65%; B) You never hear from your best customers now; C) Only half of your best customers of today will be your best customers next year in view of changes

3. A) Viral marketing will peak and customer experiences will replace it; B) The highest buying power will be among the recipients of generational wealth transfer (IRA funds) and price will mean less than speed of gratification

4. Op ed piece and hosted event in two months

5. i can replicate this at any time

© Alan Weiss 2016

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