It’s Not Your Mother’s Fault Feedback

I’ve been getting two kinds of feedback to that first column.

The first is all about addiction and battering. The points being made are that mental illness is not the fault of the individual, and you need more than to simply change your discipline and accountability. I would think that would be self-evident. My point is that too many otherwise perfectly healthy people are claiming “it’s not their fault” and blaming their mother (as a metaphor) for their own lack of discipline and resolve. And, for that matter, I think issues such as Adult Attention Deficit Disorder are far over-diagnosed, and claimed by many without any diagnosis at all.

The other kind of feedback is encapsulated by the most recent email this morning, from a mother to her son who forwarded my column:

OMG!!!  I wish you could have sent it to all your siblings!  I’m going to forward it to a few of my friends.  Right now I’m going to print it out and put a copy on my refrigerator.  You should put a copy of it around, too.


2 thoughts on “It’s Not Your Mother’s Fault Feedback

  1. Re over-diagnosis, I am reliably informed there is no medical difference between dyslexia and ‘not being very good at reading’. Personally I wish there was a technical sounding term for ‘being very poor at ball games’ that I could hide behind!

  2. I found that I had profound over-anxiety at low level pressure eye-hand coordination. (I got nervous and couldn’t field grounders well.)

    Some people have legitimate and difficult physical and mental challenges, no question. But my point is that most who make themselves victims (of their upbringing, their circumstances, their lousy luck) are simply making themselves victims.

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