I’ve met a lot of people who are afraid to get up in the morning. They’re afraid of the inevitable conflict with their spouse, or of waking up alone. They’re afraid of their boss or afraid of their employees. They’re afraid of making decisions, or of not making decisions, or of making the right decisions and not being able to fulfill them.

They worry about having too little business, having too much potential business they may not be able to handle, and about having too much current business and not having any free time for themselves.

They worry about having no friends, and worry about having too many friends with whom they can’t compete. They worry about whether they are over-dressed or under-dressed, and about whether people will talk about them or never bother talking about them.

They worry that they too seldom win, and then feel guilty when they do.

These are people who have jailed themselves, but don’t know the charges, don’t know the jailers, and don’t have the keys.

It’s time for a jailbreak, before you die in there. There’s a phone in your cell. Pick it up and start asking for help, and stop worrying what anyone else thinks.

© Alan Weiss 2015

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