Just Another Day

We took the Acela to New York yesterday (arrived early) then taxied over to The Pierre for our three-day stay.

I walked over to the John Barrett Salon on the top floor of Bergdorf’s for my monthly haircut, and as soon as the elevator doors opened, I saw chaos. They were filming a makeover of the Housewives of New Jersey and the Housewives on Atlanta. One of their security guys came over while I was waiting and asked my advice about his career. I gave him some, and he asked if he could reciprocate.

“Yes,” I assured him, “keep these women away from me!”

It is safe to assume they were not discussing Kant’s Categorical Imperative or the nature of quarks. “Does the makeover include a brain transplant?” I asked a stylist, but she pretended not to hear me.

Then last night Maria and I headed over to The Modern (the superb restaurant owned by the Museum of Modern Art) where Omar (my co-author of The Global Consultant) was hosting a small dinner for some members of his management team from Europe and the US, for whom I’m working on a project.

Traditional Omar: After my martini, champagne, 12 courses (with another couple gratis from management) and a paired wine with each course. Some of the wines were from before I was an independent consultant!

We emerged into a gorgeous New York night and walked back (which I rarely do).

Just another day….

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