Keep Your Pets on A Leash

A pet is something that receives particular favor, as in “teacher’s pet.”

A peeve is an irritation that one feels, real or perceived.

Hence, a “pet peeve” is a particularly welcome irritation, giving someone reason to complain. If you have enough of them, sort of a “herd of pet peeves,” you’ll find yourself standing all by yourself with just your “pets” to keep you company. Nobody enjoys a chronic complainer.

3 thoughts on “Keep Your Pets on A Leash

  1. “Nobody enjoys a chronic complainer.”

    Ironic, since most of these posts are YOU complaining about things. You’re right, nobody enjoys a chronic complainer.

    • Apparently you enjoy them because here you are reading them. If you don’t like it, then don’t read the free blog! People aren’t flocking to listen to you, are they? Have a nice day!

      • Joe, you’re reading a free blog. I haven’t deleted anything of yours. But if you don’t like it, just go away. You have to call names (it’s called an “ad hominem” attack, look it up), because you have no point, you’re just angry. And that degree of anger is always self-anger directed against others. There is all kinds of value over thousands of postings on my blog, but you’re just trying to be a troll. You feel inferior so you lash out. Why don’t you try doing something constructive instead of hating everyone around you who’s successful? Have a nice day, not that I think you’re capable of any kind of enjoyment with all that pent-up hatred. You’re afraid to even post a photo, because you’re trying to be a sniper, but one who can’t aim and keeps shooting yourself.

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